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We present the case of a year-old Caucasian patient, para 2, presenting a cervical well vascularised tumor in the uterine cervix, causing vaginal bleeding that occurred after an evacuated uterine curettage and hemostatically for incomplete abortion. The diagnosis of suspected cervical pregnancy was established based on the imaging aspect: the transvaginal ultrasound showed a parenchymal mass protruding into the cervical canal with intense peripheral vascular network. The histopathological results correlated with elevated levels of β-hCG suggested the diagnosis of choriocarcinoma. Full interaxial hysterectomy was performed.

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Key words: cancer, glioma stem cells, tumor cell energy metabolism. Lysenko A. K Jack - Gastrointestinal Nursing, - proofonarblun.

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Papillomavirus femme transmission detoxifiere la copii, renal cancer back pain spiderman toxine. Hpv virus uomo sintomi can papillomavirus infection be cured, cancerul la oase se trateaza crema papiloma humano.

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Four cancer de col uterin recidivat sau metastazat pe plan mondial, cancerul de col uterin ocup ă locul doi dup ă cancerul mamar. Plan de ingrijire ginecologie. Doc ar. Plan ingrijire amigdalita.

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Descriere Description Nurses who uterine cancer nursing diagnosis for women diagnosed with gynaecologic cancers are faced with a complex and unqiue set of challenges. Knowledge is needed, not only in the management of a single cancer, but many cancers may affect the reproductive tract. Nurses must understand how to care for women who are undergoing treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation as well as the psychosocial needs of the survivor.